10 Perfect Places For Mumbaikars To Welcome Monsoon’s First Showers!

10 Perfect Places For Mumbaikars To Welcome Monsoon’s First Showers!

1. Gateway Of India

Nothing beats standing in front of this mammoth piece of architecture while enjoying the gentle drizzle and the chill that follows. Enjoy a bhutta while getting drenched or enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea in one of the cafe’s nearby.

2. Marine Drive


The first indication of showers sees hundreds of Mumbaikars seeking respite from the heat flocking towards the Marine Drive. The shear joy of getting drenched while staring in the horizon attracts couples, students and office crowd alike. Couples taking walks holding hands, people enjoying ‘cutting chai’ is a common sight.

 3. Manori

Manori is an old-world town by the Manori Creek with a beach that can give Goan beaches a run for their money! Only an hour’s drive from Mumbai, the drive is pleasant.

4. Bandstand

Popularly a lovers paradise, this sprawling waterfront path witnesses a great number of people during monsoon. Jogging Bollywood stars, cosying up couples and a few senior citizens can be seen enjoying the singular view amidst dark clouds.

5. Matheran

Matheran is at its best during monsoon. It’s perfect if you enjoy walking through forest trails and love discovering the ever-changing monsoon flora. There are some nice waterfalls on the road up to Dasturi, if you are walking up or driving your own vehicle.

6. Tiger’s Leap, Lonavala

Lonavala is just a stone’s throw away from the urban chaos and transforms into one of the most sought after destination during monsoon. The Tiger Hill aka Tiger’s Leap provides stupendous views of multiple waterfalls and a sprawling forest. Tiger Hill is a great place for adventure enthusiasts looking to raft or trek.

7. Dana Paani Beach, Madh

The Dana Paani Beach is located to the south of the infamous Aksa Beach. The beach is a small serene patch. One of the best well-kept secrets among Mumbaikars, the beach rarely crowded. Enjoy a few local delicacies from local vendors, and if you have the time, try and visit the St. Bonaventure Church built in the 15th century.

8. Carter Road Premo

Carter Road in Bandra is an ideal destination for a walk in the rain. The promenade offers a great view of the Arabian Sea on one side and flickering cafes on the other. Get drenched while taking a walk or enjoy the rain while sipping coffee in Corniche Cafe or enjoying a shawarma or frankie near Rizvi College.

9. Worli Sea Face

With Haji Ali as a backdrop, the sea face is known for its high tides that can soak anyone standing on the promenade. Well-known but still uncrowded, the sea face offers the much-needed solitude for a budding romance! Don’t forget the Sea Link that lights up when the sun goes down. Its a sight to behold.

10. Malshejghat

If you are longing to have a monsoon break and want to peep into the clouds and the rains, there is no place like the Malshej Ghats within a 140 kms distance from the hectic Mumbai ! Once you decide to kick yourself out of a lazy monsoon week-end, a feast of greens in all imaginable tones for the eyes and cleanest oxy-rich air you can ever breathe …. awaits you !!!

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