The first foldable smartphone by Samsung could be out as early as January

The first foldable smartphone by Samsung could be out as early as January

The first foldable smartphone by Samsung could be out as early as January and even with microSD slot.After hailing the creation of flexible smartphone displays as possibly the industry’s biggest innovation since touch interaction, the obvious limitations of the Samsung Galaxy Round, LG G Flex, or Galaxy S6 Edge execution brought us back with our feet firmly planted on the ground.

But now it’s time to start dreaming again of fully bendable, malleable and foldable mobile devices beamed straight from sci-fi movies, which may finally become reality in a few short months. If you recall, Samsung’s display-producing subsidiary previewed the 2016 breakthrough way back in March, and a Chinese tipster claims to have the early scoop on “Project Valley.”

As always, you’re advised to retain your skepticism regarding inside information divulged without concrete proof supporting it, although we realize it’s hard to keep your cool while envisioning a Snapdragon 620 or 820-powered Android handheld with 3GB RAM, microSD expansion capabilities, non-removable battery, and a body that curves, arches and curls sans opposing resistance.

Before even thinking it, no, there’s absolutely no chance a Galaxy S7 derivation or two will feature a 100 percent rollable construction. The technology, if polished and mature enough to move into commercial distribution in January, as this fresh rumor suggests, is most certainly not ready for S6 Edge-type primetime. At best, let’s all cross our fingers for a short, experimental run comparable to Galaxy Round’s 2013 bow.

Assuming Project Valley materializes, Samsung needs to use not only flexible panels for its manufacturing, but other elastic components too, including batteries, chips, and circuit boards.All those futuristic parts require more work and resources from engineers than their classic, rigid correspondents, not to mention they’re likely costlier, which is why two prototypes are allegedly in testing, one ultra-high-end (the SD820 version), and one slightly humbler (the 620).

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