Tips To Boost Up Internet Speed On Google Chrome (5 Steps)

Tips To Boost Up Internet Speed On Google Chrome (5 Steps)

Today everyone wants to use a high speed internet on its smartphones, tablets and Pcs. There are many methods by which you can easily boost up your internet speed. In this post i am going to share a method to make your google chrome browse faster in your Pc. For this we have a trick that is How To Boost Up Internet Speed On Google Chrome.

In this post i will be discussing some factors that will helps you too increase internet speed in your google chrome browser. So proceed with the methods below.

1. Disable DNS Preload in Google Chrome

This feature of google chrome let it to save the cache for Domain Name Servers which can pay load on your browser so you can disable this and stop your browser to save this cache. just follow the below step in your google chrome.

Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Privacy there you will have two options that are Use a web service to help resolve navigational errors and  use a prediction service to help complete searches and URL’s typed in address bar disable them both.

2. Clear Browsing Data Regularly

The saved cache and other saved data like broser history saved forms and login details etc put loads on your browser so better is to clear them all. So to clear them in your chrome follow the below step.

Go to Settings -> History section -> Clear Browsing Data.

3. Disable Plugins

No doubt plugins in google chrome are very helpful for us but they can make your google chrome slow, so better is to remove them after you are done with them for removing just follow the below:-

Go to Settings -> Extensions -> Dustbin button after every extension that you want to delete from your browser.

4. Use Data Saver Extension

This is very useful google chrome extension that will help you to save lots of your internet data and also your internet browsing speed will also get boost upto certain extent. So add this Data Saver Extension in your google chrome today.

5. Disable Image Content

If you really want to boost up your internet speed then you can disable images on your browser, no doubt sites will not look so cool but you can browse them with faster speed. Follow the below step to do so :-

In your google chrome enter chrome://chrome/settings/content and under image section check the option Do no show images.

So above discussion is all about How To Boost Up Internet Speed On Google Chrome. By following all the above tips you can make your google chrome browser faster and also this can saves your internet usage data too.

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