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Nokia hits a 6 with its “Nokia 6” with Android Nougat, 4GB RAM announced in China officially on Nokia’s website

After acquiring rights to the Nokia brand name last year, HDM Global has finally launched the first Android-powered smartphone bearing Nokia’s name. Called the Nokia 6, the phone is launched

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Modi orders to scrutinize all cash deposits above Rs 2.5 lakh made before 9 November

People who thought they are relieved as they deposited cash amounting to Rs 2.5 lakhs or above before 9 November are in trouble. The Finance Ministry has directed banks and

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IIT Graduate ‘Sells’ Himself on Online Retailer Giant Flipkart to Get a Job There

The placement season is on and crabbing your dream job is not a cake-walk anymore.  Even though you belong to prestigious IITs or IIMs, the pressure on you to make

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10 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years

Top Lists created an interesting video, wherein it gives its verdict on which 10 countries may not survive the next two decades. This piece will attempt to examine the validity

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Apple faces $862.4 million in damages after losing processor patent lawsuit to University of Wisconsin

Apple may be no stranger to patent lawsuits, but a recent infringement claim ruling could cost the company dearly. On Tuesday, a US jury found that the iPhone maker had