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Nokia hits a 6 with its “Nokia 6” with Android Nougat, 4GB RAM announced in China officially on Nokia’s website

After acquiring rights to the Nokia brand name last year, HDM Global has finally launched the first Android-powered smartphone bearing Nokia’s name. Called the Nokia 6, the phone is launched

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This Is What Happens When You Piss Off The Abu Dhabi Police Force

When it comes to keeping their city safe and secure, the police departments in Abu Dhabi and Dubai do not mess around. That’s why the UAE relies upon several fleets

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Apple faces $862.4 million in damages after losing processor patent lawsuit to University of Wisconsin

Apple may be no stranger to patent lawsuits, but a recent infringement claim ruling could cost the company dearly. On Tuesday, a US jury found that the iPhone maker had

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Top 10 amazing facts about Android you should know

Android mobile phone, the worlds most common smartphone operating system is growing day-to-day with it’s highly enriched interface and extensively used cell phone applications. Individuals are using the idea as

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Top 6 Tech Skills You Need in 2015

Technology is one area that no one in any industry can afford to grow complacent about-tech is changing so quickly that skills you mastered last year may already be outdated.